Power of a Print

Remember those 5¼ floppy disks? And the “modern” update to 3½ hard disks? What would you do if that’s where your wedding or family pictures were stored and you needed to see them today?

While having physical possession of digital files sounds like a safe way to preserve your images, in reality digital media of all types does corrupt or become obsolete. Who knows what type of digital storage devices will come and go in the next few decades. And let’s face it, most of us with a disk full of images are not going to print them, but we are confident we will down the road. Even the best of us procrastinate. And by then, the disk was lost two moves and three computers ago. On the other hand, a framed print or album will be there in 100 years for your great–great grandchildren to see.

More reasons to print:

My job is to create precious memories in tangible form for you - finished photographs you can hold in your hands that become family treasures. I take this commission quite seriously and it makes me so happy to see my work finished and enjoyed in frames, on the walls, and in albums in my client’s homes, as custom artwork. I would be doing you a disservice to solely hand you a disk of images and leave it to you to create the final product.

So what exactly is a finished print? It’s one that’s been retouched – polished up to look it’s best. Then printed professionally on thick, professional grade photo-paper (or canvas, or album pages) in accurate, lasting colors.

Digital files are fun to share on social media and I’m happy for you to use the files for those and other purposes too. But your memories deserve to be finished, printed and enjoyed for a lifetime, not just used as your profile pic for a couple of days. This is why I offer many printing and framing choices, along with albums, to give you lots of options.

As a professional photographer I believe in and value the images I create for you. And I know that your prints and albums are a wise investment today and always.