Veritas Vineyard Outside Wedding Ceremony
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Veritas Vineyard Outside Wedding Ceremony

When planning an outdoor ceremony, the time of day is so important. If you want that dreamy, creamy light, then you'll want to plan your ceremony about an hour before sunset. Keep in mind you'll want to take your portraits ahead of time so you'll have enough natural light for those pictures too. You can look up the sunset time here:
So you can see the time the light will be best on your wedding day.
Veritas Vineyard has the most amazing outdoor ceremony location with stunning mountain views. As you can see the light if perfect just before sunset. It's truly the best vineyard wedding venue. It's near Charlottesville, VA so makes for a mini destination wedding location from the DC area.
This could was concerned about a first look taking away from the special walking down the isle moment. But in truth the groom cried both times! A first look simply adds to the special moments on a wedding day. Makes sure you spend more time together. Especially before the pace of the day really picks up. And in this case made sure they had pictures in the daylight of this beautiful property as it was getting dark soon after the ceremony ended.
As a wedding photographer I offer the couples my experience and expertise to make sure they get the most out of their wedding day. That they think through ahead of time what will make the day flow smoothly and give them the memories they want most. In this case the conclusion was a first look was the best option for them. And the beautiful Veritas Vineyard they traveled to for their wedding day was able to be used for their portraits after the first look. And by taking those wedding party and couple pictures ahead of the ceremony it meant they were free to join the cocktail hour and enjoy their guests.