Sparkler Exit at Army Navy Country Club Winter Wedding
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Sparkler Exit at Army Navy Country Club Winter Wedding

After a full day of emotions and happy moments, the end of the wedding day is a chance to have a fun sendoff. And sparklers are the best wedding day send off. All venues don't allow them, but Army Navy Country Club does allow sparklers. You need the longer ones made for weddings. And for a Christmas wedding what's better than to add a little extra sparkle? Wedding sparkler pictures are always fun, though a bit tricky to take. It's important that the couple have space to walk between them safely, and they don't walk too fast. As a wedding photographer I love when my clients use sparklers, always a great picture to end the wedding day story.
And can we talk about Christmas weddings for a bit? They come with beautiful decorations already at the church and reception venue, saving you money on decorations. The season is just magical to begin with and add a wedding and wow, over the top romance. Also, in the winter a bride can wear accessories that won't work any other time of the year, like long white leather gloves and a fur stole. And a groom in his dress wool uniform won't be hot! Winter weddings have so many benefits. I wish more couples would consider them! Especially with wedding venues as beautiful as the Army Navy Country Club.

Location: Arlington, VA.