Woodlawn Alexandria Wedding Photos – Congratulations Katherine and Chris!

The long awaited wedding day finally came!  Beautiful bride Katherine stepped into this gorgeous lace gown at the Alexandrian, then we met her groom, Chris, for a first look outside in Alexandria, VA by the Apothecary, which is the same today as it was in George Washington’s day.  Followed by portraits around Old Town, on the way to meet the wedding party for pictures on the cobblestone street.  What a treat to have 45 minutes in this historic place for gorgeous pictures!
Then off to another location with ties to George Washington, the estate he gifted his granddaughter as her wedding present. Woodlawn is a first class wedding venue in Alexandria and they have really upped the competition and may just be the best place for a wedding in the Washington, DC area.  The historic mansion is a stunning backdrop for pictures and the wedding ceremony.  And the grounds offer beautiful areas for pictures and a lovely formal garden strung with lights for the cocktail hour.  And the permanent tent with a tabby floor, draped ceiling with chandeliers brings in the natural scenery in a comfortable and elegant way.  It’s really the perfect wedding venue!

Katherine and Chris looked at each other in the most adoring way all day.  There is a special bond there and I so love to see a couple that just soaks up their wedding day and feels it all!  Their family and friends couldn’t have been more joyful and supportive too.  So many lovely locations and meaningful moments, as you can see, they ended up with a huge number of photos so they remember it all!
2007 Woodlawn Wedding picture2013 Woodlawn Wedding picture2016 Woodlawn Wedding pictureBridesmaids seeing Katherine all dressed and having her veil put on.  Love those smiles of love and support! 2023 Woodlawn Wedding pictureJust after the first look, looks of love!  But they did look at each other like this all day! 3008 Woodlawn Wedding picture3009 Woodlawn Wedding picture3014 Woodlawn Wedding picture3025 Woodlawn Wedding picture3027 Woodlawn Wedding picture3048 Woodlawn Wedding picture3055 Woodlawn Wedding picture3067 Woodlawn Wedding picture3075 Woodlawn Wedding picture3078 Woodlawn Wedding picture3087 Woodlawn Wedding picture3102 Woodlawn Wedding picture3117 Woodlawn Wedding picture3119 Woodlawn Wedding pictureBoth families went to the same WV summer camp each year as the kids were growing up, and have been friends for a many, many years!  4019 Woodlawn Wedding picture5004 Woodlawn Wedding pictureWoodlawn mansion makes such a dramatic backdrop for wedding pictures! 5044 Woodlawn Wedding picture5050 Woodlawn Wedding picture5057 Woodlawn Wedding picture5059 Woodlawn Wedding pictureWoodlawn was a gift from George Washington to his granddaughter. If the trees were shorter you could see Mt. Vernon in the distance. 5065 Woodlawn Wedding picture5069 Woodlawn Wedding picture5071 Woodlawn Wedding picture5077 Woodlawn Wedding picture5080 Woodlawn Wedding picture5086 Woodlawn Wedding picture5091 Woodlawn Wedding picture5093 Woodlawn Wedding picture5097 Woodlawn Wedding pictureThe stunning moon arch covered in white flowers was a spectacular backdrop for the wedding ceremony! 6008 Woodlawn Wedding pictureIt was a tad humid and warm, so these ceremony programs as fans were perfect!  6011 Woodlawn Wedding picture6038 Woodlawn Wedding picture6071 Woodlawn Wedding picture6075 Woodlawn Wedding picture6082 Woodlawn Wedding picture6125 Woodlawn Wedding picture6138 Woodlawn Wedding picture6140 Woodlawn Wedding picture6151 Woodlawn Wedding pictureThis garden setting for the cocktail hour was just dreamy! 7002 Woodlawn Wedding pictureAll the invitations and wedding stationary was so beautiful in it’s periwinkle blue and features the most charming drawings of the venues! 8009 Woodlawn Wedding picture8016 Woodlawn Wedding pictureWoodlawn has created a full service wedding venue with a permanent tent for the reception.  It’s a gorgeous draped tent with chandeliers, a tabby concrete floor which feels so era appropriate (concrete with oyster shells), fans and sides that can be open or closed as the weather dictates.
Here the band is getting set up.  Tables are set with blue and white flowers.   8022 Woodlawn Wedding picture8028 Woodlawn Wedding pictureThe white flower moon arch came in from the ceremony and now frames the cake. 8041 Woodlawn Wedding picture8062 Woodlawn Wedding pictureHow fun!  A choreographed first dance!
8065 Woodlawn Wedding pictureI just love the expressions during the toasts!  Such looks of happiness! 8110 Woodlawn Wedding pictureAnd choreography for the father daughter dance too! 8159 Woodlawn Wedding pictureCutting the funfetti wedding cake! 8241 Woodlawn Wedding picture8307 Woodlawn Wedding pictureTwilight with string garden lights is perfection! 8308 Woodlawn Wedding picture8355 Woodlawn Wedding pictureLots of dancing fun with this great band! 8382 Woodlawn Wedding pictureExiting to well wishes and streamer wands! 8426 Woodlawn Wedding pictureGetting ready hotel:  Alexandrian
Wedding venue: Woodlawn & Pope-Leighey House
Music: Ceremony and Cocktail hour: DaVinci Strings, Reception Band: Bachelor Boys
Florist: Eight Tree Street
Hair/Makeup: Bombshell Blowouts, Naida Azaz
Planning/Invitations/Day of Coordination: Added Touches by Terry
Photographer: jan michele photography
Videographer: Delta Studio Productions
Cake: Fluffy Thoughts Cakes
Catering: Design Cuisine


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