Washington DC Engagement Photos – Katherine & Chris

Springtime flowers in Washington, DC will take your breath away.  This area is truly the best for seasons and the best for spring engagement pictures!  So glad we’re having some warm days to enjoy the colorful blossoms.  Daffodils are always an early cheerful favorite and this sweet patch on the woodsy path was such a romantic spot.  Katherine and Chris are such a sweet couple – I love the story of how they met when matched as tennis partners at a summer camp both their family’s attended each summer!  It was meant to be!  Different varieties of flowering cherry, magnolia, daffodil, and other garden favorites all made beautiful backdrops for their engagement session in Washington, DC.

08.jpgWashington DC Engagement Picture19.jpgWashington DC Engagement Picture21.jpgWashington DC Engagement Picture26.jpgWashington DC Engagement PictureIMG_0483.jpgWashington DC Engagement PictureIMG_0571.jpgWashington DC Engagement PictureIMG_0613.jpgWashington DC Engagement PictureIMG_0623.jpgWashington DC Engagement PictureIMG_0644.jpgWashington DC Engagement PictureIMG_0803.jpgWashington DC Engagement PictureIMG_0814.jpgWashington DC Engagement PictureIMG_0838.jpgWashington DC Engagement PictureIMG_0852.jpgWashington DC Engagement Picture

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